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SKU: G24-3910-7


GOLDEN GAC100 - Acrylic Primer and Extender - 946ml (32 fl. oz.)

GOLDEN GAC 100 is a 100% acrylic, fluid multi-purpose medium useful for extending acrylic paint. Two coats applied directly to painting help to prevent discolouration caused by impurities that are drawn up through a substrate as the acrylic paint dries.

GAC 100 is also useful for diluting and extending colours, increasing flexibility and film integrity, sizing for fabric and sealing for wood. GAC 100 will wet out solids, including pigments, more readily than other polymers and is useful for artists formulating their own paints.

Product Information
  • This polymer is one of the most universal used in paint manufacturing. Artists who had used "Rhoplex" (a registered trade name) will find that this GAC most closely reflects the properties to which they were accustomed with Rhoplex.
  • The GAC 100 is a useful polymer for protecting against Support Induced Discolouration (S.I.D.).
  • Flexible with a moderate level of tack and gloss.
  • Useful for diluting and extending colours, especially when film flexibility and integrity are important characteristics.
  • Wets pigment surfaces well.
  • Ideal for artists formulating their own paints.