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SKU: DOA 763009


Docrafts Artiste 2oz Specialty Medium Varnish


Docrafts Artiste Speciality Mediums Varnishes are a range of clear drying and very durable  surface varnishes to give your work a final uniform finish and protective layer all in one.

Each varnish has a different finish;

  • Mattedries with a flat finish which mutes colours and can give more pastel look especially when used with lighter colours.
  • Gloss dries a resistive brilliant brilliant sheen which deepens colour intensity and works particularly well with metallic and pearlescent colours.
  • Glitter dries clear with a shimmering reflective glitter suspended in it giving your work an eye catching sparkle.

Product Information

  • Water based Acrylic Paint. 
  • Apply Acrylic paint onto dry surfaces. 
  • Touch dry within one hour. 
  • Clean with water. 
  • Do not keep stored in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
  • Designed in the UK

Follow this link for Docrafts Artiste Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint