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Shaun Keefe


Shaun Keefe


Growing up in greater Manchester, and now having lived in Cheshire for the last 25 years, has provided Shaun with a wealth of influences which is reflected in his striking contemporary art. Working out of his local studio, mainly in acrylics combined with layered textures, oils, inks, sand and pastels his canvasses present a dramatic focus in any environment. www.shaunkeefe.co.uk.

Shaun says that when creating a piece artwork, most of the processing stages are based on emotions and improvisation. Once the painting is complete, my sole goal is for each viewer to find their own story when looking at the artwork. Still, if one is interested to hear my perspective on the work, I can say that it is, most importantly, about playing with the combination of colours, textures, lines, and more.

My paintings, however, are mostly created with blotches of multi-layered paint which are not intended to create figurative details as I want the painting to communicate the message as a whole. Undertaking commissions for clients has allowed Shaun to utilise his skills whilst incorporating his client’s personal preferences, such as colours and specific settings. Photography.

There is also a range of Shaun’s photographs available inspired by his surroundings wherever he is in the world together with his ‘GuitArt’ range depicting unusual aspects of guitars digitally treated with his original artwork forming the background.

A selection of Shaun's work

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Tim Bos
Tim Bos

May 14, 2019

Fabulous work- inspiring…..brilliant use of colours and creating intriguing pictures….

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