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Robert Sanderson


Robert Sanderson


Hey! My name is Rob "Sandy" Sanderson, 29 years old, married to a loving wife and father to two mischievous boys. I've been Illustrating for around 4-5 years primarily using solid lines, dot-work and hatching to produce abstract, obscure and strange artworks.

My primary influences are from 1930's and 1990 style cartoons with a mix of horror and creature feature films. I mainly illustrate in my free time for fun or to entertain myself. My favourite thing to do whilst illustrating is making large collages of random monsters, cute drawings and some kind of landscapes.

If you like my artwork please feel free to check out my Instagram, I keep it up to date more regularly than anything else!

A selection of Rob's work

Favourite Products

Products I use on a regular basis are the Posca Pens, Bristol Board, Uni Fineliners

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April 08, 2019

pukka stuff, Rob! BRAVO!

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