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Ginny McDermott


Ginny McDermott


Even the most common things around us have recognisable beauty in them and I see it as my role as an artist to capture and communicate their voice, whether that be colour, form, fragility, fun, size, texture etc. There’s usually an element of fear in not being able to achieve this, which keeps me grounded and on the edge of my comfort zone. I switched from painting with acrylics to oils this year and adore the way the paint moves and blends on the canvas - it’s a great adventure!

I really want people to experience the thrill of owning original art because it breathes life into empty spaces - adds soul, beauty, texture, interest, emotion. It stamps your walls, your home, with your personality. Each piece is your discovery, you are the curator of your own exhibition. I love this idea and want to create covetable pieces that waken a desire to own them.


A selection of Ginny's work

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May 30, 2019

Hi Ginny,

As an artist painting in oils, I can really identify with your new found style in oils. I really love the way you make use of thick impasto style paint of landscape scenes and how vibrant and bright they appear with great use of light and darks. I too like to paint Landscapes, along with animals, and cityscape scenes, and individual buildings such as cottages and also the occasional seascape.

I get the impression that you like to paint more or less straight from the tube and like me, mix and blend colours as You see fit, directly on the canvas.

Exciting work.


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