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Emils Cirulis


Emils Cirulis


My name is Emils Cirulis aka Acrylic_Damage and I am acrylic based artist. At age of 15 I was inspired by Salvador Dali and since then I have been passionate about art and the creativity behind it. Salvador Dali is know by his art and once he said: "Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it". Thus, it is something I place in my art. We live in world that is not perfect, thus, art is imperfect due the imperfect world we live in. Moreover, my biggest inspiration in acrylic art is coming from Kevin Vigil aka Kre8 who is very talented artist. My painting style is mixture between surreal, realism and abstract and my main aim is to create till there is nothing to create. Moreover, art is passion and love that I would like to use to inspire others. Never give up and keep creating.

A selection of work

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March 02, 2020

Fantastic Work Emile 👍👌

Tim Bos
Tim Bos

October 11, 2019

Love the variety of your work.

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