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Clive Withers


Clive Withers


I don't have much of an ego so writing an artists statement is going to be a bit difficult...I'm a creative person...always have been...and every year or so I have a burst of creative energy and have to make some art...it's piling up in my house :-)...I've sold a handful over the years and the files I've uploaded are from 2 different periods...about 10 and 12 yrs ago...I don't as yet have files of my latest work which I did 12 mths ago but I'll try to get them on here...Basically..I'm driven by design and colour...it's got to be colourful and balanced and pleasing to the eye...IMO...


A selection of Clive's work

Favourite Products

Daler Rowney A3 Artboards.


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Tim Bos
Tim Bos

August 05, 2019

The designs are fantastic. Their simplicity and colours are striking and beautiful

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