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Beverley Coleclough


Beverley Coleclough


After art college I worked in the theatre for over 5 years, then changed to a career in teaching art in schools and colleges. I have always managed to produce my own work in between work hours; and my first venture to Australia 18 years ago was the start of a whole series of work, based mainly on the Central Desert around Alice Springs. Later I followed on with a contrasting series of Coastal Seascapes of Western Australia. Now that I have retired from lecturing I can concentrate on extending both series which run concurrently. I still travel to Australia and have done a residencies in Albany, south of Perth and Central Craft in Alice Springs, where I am a member. I like the immediacy of working mainly in acrylic on canvas and large paper collages. Ideas often spill over into working in felted and textile hangings. With so many things to do, it’s hard to find time to do them all.

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