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Andy Austin


Andy Austin

About Andy

I am 57, sold my first painting when I was 7 to the neighbours son on boxing day 1968. It was of Spider-Man and I sold it for half a crown. It was then that I decided to be an artist. Up until the 90s I was a traditional portrait painter and realist in style. I became bored of doing commissions only in such a traditional style, so I stopped doing them and concentrated on developing further my own style of painting. Cy Twomly said something about taking a line for a walk. Line is the first thing I start with, sometimes I try to use one continuous line. Line defines random shapes within the subject, these shapes become the content. I always start with a background colour in mind usually a strong fluorescent/uv colour but not always. Then a selection process takes place...


A selection of Andy's work

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Steve r welham
Steve r welham

August 16, 2019

Clever and good use of bright colours very vibrant a talented artist

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