Introducing the Winsor & Newton Profession Watercolour Synthetic Sable Brushes

Introducing the Winsor & Newton Profession Watercolour Synthetic Sable Brushes

We are excited to announce the arrival of the brand-new range of Professional Watercolour Synthetic Brushes from Winsor & Newton. These brushes have been designed from the ground up to provide artists with a synthetic alternative to sable and squirrel hair brushes. 

These fascinating new brushes use a unique blend of synthetic bristles, which has been rigorously tested by Winsor & Newton to ensure their exacting criteria for an artist’s brush were met. The results of this are a range of brushes that provide the same quality and performance anyone would expect from a natural sable brush. They offer excellent colour carrying capacity, resilient spring, shape retention and professional quality substitute for natural hair brushes

Made by hand at Winsor & Newton’s brush factory to the same high standards as other sable brushes, the professional synthetic’s design features a comfortably contoured handle with a stylish matt finish and a seamless nickel ferrule. Easy and comfortable to us for long painting sessions with qualities and responsiveness of sable, we believe that any discerning watercolourist will thoroughly appreciate the time and attention Winsor & Newton have put into these superb sable alternatives.

The Professional Watercolour Synthetic Brushes are available in the follow styles:

  • Round: For fine detail, lines and glazes. A traditional round shape is ideal for use when accuracy and detail is required. 
  • Pointed Round: An adaptation of the round, the extra fine tapered point aids accuracy and fine detail work, whilst the belly holds colour.
  • Rigger: Extra fine point for lines, long scroll work and detail.
  • Ones Stroke (Flat): A short flat watercolour brush for edges and shapes or applying washes.
  • Wash Bush: An extra wide wash brush. For covering large areas and applying glosses and varnishes.
  • Mop: A round, full brush useful for broad washes with thinned colour.
  • Quill (synthetic squirrel): A thick belly enables the brush to hold large amounts of colour while the fine point gives control and responsiveness with washes.

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Daniel Green
Daniel Green

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