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How can I use Gallery Frames?

Framing your artwork is a huge consideration and can dramatically change the aesthetic of a painting, print or photograph. Some paintings don’t need a frame, and some will benefit from having one. The beauty of our gallery frames are that they will accommodate a standard canvas, canvas board or wooden panel up to depth of 20mm. 

You can decide to keep the shatter-proof acrylic gazing on the front of the frame to protect your artwork or if you have varnished your artwork you could remove it, the choice is yours! You can use a picture mount or let your image go from edge to edge. 

We offer Gallery Frames in natural wood, white or black. These neutral colours will compliment many different styles of art and photography. We have lots of different sizes in stock. They are a contemporary frame that will not detract the focus away from the artwork. The neutral colours will compliment any colour scheme in your home.

Gallery Frames

These solid wood frames with shatter-proof acrylic glazing allow quick mounting of paper, 1.8cm canvas frames or canvas boards - simply clip work in to gain instant results.

Lovely clean lines complement any artwork you wish to frame. These frames are incredibly versatile and offer fantastic value for money. They are super-quick to use and can accommodate paper, board and 1.8 cm canvas panels in the popular 'A' sizes.

Frames come in 'A sizes' A4, A3, A2 & A1 and also in either natural wood, white or black. 
We now also have two square sizes, 30x30cm and 50x50cm in both black and white.

  • Solid wood with contemporary black, white and natural finishes.
  • Easy to hang
  • Rigid backboard
  • Spring clips for easy fitting
  • Shatter-proof acrylic glazing
  • Can accommodate from single sheets up to standard 18 mm depth canvas.

Tips for hanging and maintenance.

  • The only maintenance needed is to dust with a soft dry cloth, once in a while. Don’t use abrasive cleaners as this will scratch your acrylic cover and frame.
  • Don’t hang your artwork or photograph over an open fire or radiator as this will damage the artwork and frame.
  • Aim to hang your work out of direct sunlight to ensure longevity of the artwork.
  • Pictures are usually hung at eye level, or slightly above.
  • A great way to display multiple works of art is on a dedicated gallery wall in your home, either in the hall, or in the main room in the house. You can choose several sizes and several different frames, hung portrait and landscape, for that eclectic look. You could choose all the same frames in different sizes for that chic gallery style.

Gallery Frames can be used with our:


ARTdiscount Economy Standard Canvases 

  • Acid free 100% cotton canvas
  • 19 mm standard profile
  • Quality with economy 
  • Replaces the Loxley Ashgate range
  • Unbeatable wholesale carton rates
  • 280 gsm cotton canvas 
  • Triple primed with high quality acrylic primer 
  • Suitable for acrylic and oil 
  • FSC Certified - all wood from sustainable forests
  • 7 Popular sizes, choice of pack quantity 
  • Perfect for commercial users, education, flatbed / screen printing and social events
  • If outside of the UK mainland please call for delivery costs and availability
  • These canvases are NOT of the type offered by several of the general superstore/ national multiple outlets.
  • Our Economy brand is of a higher specification and NOT PRONE TO WARPING which is a common problem with cheap/lighter weight variants.

Canvas Boards

ARTdiscount Economy Canvas Boards

Canvas boards are sheets of compressed card adhered to primed cotton canvas.They are lightweight and easily stack which makes them ergonomic to store and perfect for using to paint outdoors, especially when paired with a  Pochade Box.
The high cost efficiency makes them ideal for education, art societies and practising artists. Easily framed as finished pieces.

Well suited for use with a variety of styles and techniques including;

Wooden Panels

ARTessentials Artists Wooden Panels

ART Essentials Cradled Wooden Panels are made of a smooth, sanded Paulownia rapid growing hardwood, reinforced to prevent warping. Sturdy and lightweight, they are perfect for both painting outdoors or in the studio. We recommend sealing with two coats of an acrylic sealer and then a coat of a gesso. Please see our recent article for more information on this subject:
 'How to seal and gesso a wooden panel' 

These panels work particularly well with our Studio Heavy Body Acrylics and Daler-Rowney System 3 Acrylics

Painting boards ideal for oil and acrylics

  • Smooth surface
  • Dimensionally stable 
  • Can hang without a frame 
  • Made from Paulownia hardwood
  • 20mm / approx. 7/8" deep
  • Perfect for screen printing or digital flatbed printing

Artist wooden panels are made from natural Paulownia rapid growing timbers and as such the grains and colours can vary considerably from each panel.

This product is a lower cost alternative to Seawhite Cradled Wood Painting Panels and Global Wooden Artists Panels.

ART Essentials Wooden Artists panels are manufactured by a leading producer of artists supplies with worldwide distribution. The manufacturer is FSC accredited. If you cannot find a size you are looking for please see the Seawhite alternative here.

This product is featured in our blog "Q = Can you varnish a watercolour painting?"