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Christmas crafting!

Create a Christmas Wreath with us.

It is the perfect moment to dive into the world of holiday crafting with ARTdiscount supplies and round canvases!

With Christmas just around the corner, the creative possibilities are endless. ARTdiscount offers an array of high-quality art materials that can bring your festive visions to life, from paints and brushes to glitters and metallic markers and pens.

Round canvases add a unique twist to traditional decorations, making your DIY Christmas crafts stand out. So, why wait? Start creating your one-of-a-kind Christmas decorations now, and infuse your home with the warmth and charm of the holiday season.

We took our very own stretched round canvases, together with  Studio Heavy Body acrylic paints, painted a lush green wreath, added a little bit of gold detailing with Frisk Gel Pens Set of 3 - White, Silver, Gold 0.8mm and wrapped it all up in a red ribbon!

The perfect unique gift or the perfect unique Christmas decoration for your home.


Materials you will need for your Christmas Wreath;

Step by step

  • Gather your materials together, see above list. Cover all surfaces with a protective cloth.
  • On your paint palette, squeeze out some green paint, we used phthalo green, permanent green, sap green, and emerald green. We then added lamp black, titanium white, and yellow ochre and cerulean blue to the paint palette.
  • For the berries we used, crimson, magenta and vermillion hue.
  • We worked straight onto the canvas to give our wreath a white background but alternatively you could use the heavy body gold paint to paint a gold background.
  • On your white or gold background draw a large circle, we used a plate to draw around.
  • Mark your half way point on the top and bottom of your circle lightly with pencil.
  • Working from the bottom of the canvas up to the top, using your large round size 10 or 12 brush, paint your first layer of leaves in the darkest green colour. We added a very small amount of lamp black to our phthlo green. Dab your leaf shape either side of the circle in the same direction. When you have completed one side you can then create the other side of the circle with leaves.
  • Use the full shape of your brush to create the leaf shapes using daubing strokes.
  • Leave this layer to dry before layering up your next colour.
  • Continue to build your layers of leaves with each of the different hues of green. In this order, Phthalo Green, then Sap Green, Permanent Green, Emerald Green.
  • We mixed 2 pigments to create a light blue green, by mixing cerulean blue and phthalo green, we painted these either side of the wreath.
  • Then we created a yellow green by mixing sap green with yellow ochre and a tiny bit of white. We painted these yellow green leaves sparingly to either side of the wreath.
  • Fern-like leaves were painted at the bottom and the top using the small detail round brushes.
  • Wait for these layers to dry before adding the berries.
  • Again for the berries we worked dark red hues to warm red hues and then added the highlights at the end. We started with crimson red, just adding berries at the top and bottom of the wreath in the halfway gaps. Then adding berries around the middle and on the inner and outer edges.
  • Wait for each red layer to dry before adding the next lighter colour in this order, crimson, magenta then vermillion hue, and lastly a little touch of very light pink, which was a mixture of white and magenta.

Finally a red ribbon was glued to the edge of the canvas with UHU and a small loop added to the back for hanging purposes. A small ribbon was added to the front for decoration.


Original artwork by Ellie Jakeman


ARTdiscount Stretched Round Canvas 350gsm (Multi-Packs)

Crafted from 100% premium cotton, with a substantial grammage of 350gsm, this canvas provides a sturdy and resilient foundation for your artwork.

Its universal white surface offers a versatile backdrop for a wide range of mediums.

Triple-coat of gesso primer, acid-free. Each canvas is individually protected with shrink-wrapped plastic film.


We hope you have enjoyed your Christmas crafting and are inspired to make many more gifts and decorations. You can find all the products you need by clicking our product links.
 Good luck and happy crafting!