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Celebrate King Charles III Coronation in Style 

To celebrate King's Coronation on 6th of May we have created our own crown using art materials from our own product range.

Making a crown can be a fun and easy DIY project that is perfect for dress up, cosplay, or just for fun. In this blog post we will show you how to create your own regal looking crown, With simple materials and easy to follow steps. Happy creating!

You will need:

1. Measure the widest part of the head and cut a piece of card the circumference of your head plus 2 inches longer for the join in a rectangular shape.

2. Make the rectangle at least 6 inches wide.

3. Divide the rectangle into 8 sections and cut a half circle shape between the 8 spaces at the top edge of the rectangle.

4. Create an oval stencil and a rectangle stencil and under each point on the large crown about 1 inch down from the top, draw alternate oval shapes and rectangle shapes. These can be coloured in later and will become the precious gems around the crown. From about 2 inches from the bottom draw a wobbly line the length of the rectangle, this will be painted white and black to look like animal fur.

5. Create four crosses and four fleur de lys shapes at least 2 inches long. Cut them out as separate shapes.

6. Cut two long rectangles 42cm long and four short rectangles 21cm and about 3cm wide. Draw two gems on either end of the long strips of card.

7. Paint everything gold apart from where the gems will be painted and the fur at the bottom of the crown and on the long strips of card. Give everything at least two coats of gold paint, back and front.

8. When the gold paint has dried, paint in the gems, we used Inktense pencils and Posca graphic pens.

9. Add glitter to decorate. Stick the fleur de lys and crosses to the crown.

10. The top of the crown was made out of card, two circles 5cm joined to two 5x5cm squares. Decorated the same as the crown above. After all the pattern pieces have been painted and embellished they can be joined with either double sided tape or a staple.

11. Join the two small strips of card to the middle of the long rectangles. Secure the long rectangles to the inside of the crown once it has been made into a circle, then secure the smaller rectangles to the inside of the crown a little lower than the first, this creates the shape of the cross over pieces at the top of the crown.

12. Secure the top piece with double sided tape, fabric inside is optional.

Creating your own crown is a fun and rewarding project. By following the steps above, you can make a stunning and regal crown that is perfect for dress up fun with friends and family. It is a great way to tap into your creativity and imagination. It is a cost effective and eco friendly way to create an unique accessory fit for a King or Queen.