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Artist Interview: Ohn Mar Win

Ohn Mar Win is an illustrator, designer, teacher and author based in Hertforshire, England. Ohn Mar has worked for the likes of: UNICEF, John Lewis, Next and BBC Worldwide. She specialises in watercolour creating and teaching, with over 80,000 students on the Skillshare platform. We had the pleasure of asking a few questions, delving into the world of watercolour!

'All I had was a mission statement that I wrote for myself: I use my creativity and intuition to support and inspire myself, and then help others do the same.' 

Ohn Mar

'I used drawings to communicate with my teachers, helping me to become incredibly visually creative.'

Ohn Mar

Q: Can you tell us about your artistic background?

I went to our school with a view of studying advertising and design but switch to illustration after a year. I was an in-house illustrator for several greetings card companies and then work as an editorial illustrator before taking a long break to look after my children. I returned to the creative fold in 2014 as a food illustrator and sketchbook artist teaching myself watercolours.

Q: Who or what inspires your artwork? 

My sketchbook pieces these days are a reflection of things I've seen, perhaps items around the house or places I have visited.

Q: How does a piece of work begin for you? Can you describe your process?

I'm going through a process of putting down a watercolour layer first and then working on top of it using colour pencils and brush pen. These help me to pick out details and add texture.

Ohn Mar Win's process @ohn_mar_win

Q: How did you find your personal style?

It has evolved over many years and is just a matter of practising sometimes on a daily basis.

Q: Do you have any advice on how to sustain a career in art?

Be unique - keep on finding the fun. Follow your own joy and trust your intuition to make the most meaningful art. Be open to different experiences, and ideas, and widen your comfort zone.

Q: What project are you currently working on?

I am doing a course by Liz Steel called Watercolor on Location which will give me more confidence when working plein air


Q: Would you say you find more satisfaction with teaching art more so than creating art? 

I would say it's a case of enthusiastically sharing my joyful discoveries when creating art. People love hearing about the different techniques and art materials I’m using.

Q: What piece of advice would you give to young and upcoming artists?

Don't look at Instagram for inspiration - it will give you a false ideal that you think you have to live up to. Put less expectation on the outcomes of your pieces, lean into the process and find a way of working that suits you.

Be sure to follow and find out more about Ohn Mar Win:
Instagram: @ohn_mar_win
Youtube: @ohnmarwin7039
Skillshare: ohnmarwin
Blog: https: ohnmarwin.com/illustrationsouljourney

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