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Figure Drawing Without a Model - R. Tiner

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Figure Drawing Without a Model by Ron Tiner

From the basics of drawing from life, to drawing the human figure from memory, Figure Drawing without a Model is the perfect introduction to the technique of drawing accurate and evocative figures without a life model. Author Ron Tiner offers a course of instruction illustrated with his own work that is designed to encourage artists of all levels and abilities, including cartoonists and graphic artists.

Starting with informal sketches and a brief introduction to anatomical structure, readers are guided through the process of bringing a figure to life on the page through lessons in figure movement, exploring how the body shows its age, expresses emotion and displays character. Key to learning the skills necessary to produce beautiful and accurate artworks and illustrations is the ability to portray anatomically accurate, yet also dynamic and expressive, figures. To do this from memory and imagination frees the artist to create, wherever, whenever, and with no limitations on pose. By learning the skills taught in Figure Drawing Without A Model, the artist can gain that freedom and apply them to all circumstances.

Perfect for all artists, from the beginner to the more experienced, the breadth of styles and depth of knowledge conveyed from a master of the craft makes it easy to learn the art of figure drawing, and apply those lessons to illustration, graphic design, and in graphic narratives. With his years of experience, Ron Tiner shares how producing accurate figures from memory can elevate your drawing practice and give artists the freedom to explore different styles.