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Derwent Academy 12 Sketching Pencils

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A wallet of 12 graphite pencils for sketching and drawing. This set contains an essential selection of pencils needed for drawing, ranging from 6B to 5H.

Sketching is the foundation of all art so a range of Graphite pencils is a must for any artist. The range of Academy sketching pencils comes in 12 degrees, from a soft 6B to a hard 5H, and will suit all your needs. H stands for Hard, B stands for Black, and so the higher the number the Harder or Blacker your pencil!

Drawing a building with fine straight lines? Use a H degree pencil that holds its point. Want soft smudge-able lines to build up layers of tone? Choose a B degree dark smooth pencil. The pencils are easy to sharpen and break resistant.