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Unipin Single Fine Liners


Uni Pin Fine Liner pens are ultra fine markers with fantastic water resistance. They will not smear even if water gets on the page. The ink in the Uni Pin fine line markers is The ink is extremely light resistant and will not fade with continuous exposure to light.

The markers are ideal if you need precision. ie. Technical drawing, Stencilling & Sketching.

A choice of 7 line widths is available. All with black ink.

Also available in packs of 12

Uni Pin Line Widths

  • 005 nib writes a 0.05mm line
  • 01 nib writes a 0.1mm line
  • 02 nib writes a 0.2mm line
  • 03 nib writes a 0.3mm line
  • 04 nib writes a 0.4mm line
  • 05 nib writes a 0.5mm line
  • 08 nib writes a 0.8mm line