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The Watercolour A-Z of Trees and Foliage Book with Adelene Fletcher

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This simple guide includes 26 tree varieties and covers shapes and colours, as well as their appearance at different times of the year.

Each one is covered in just two pages, with a generously-sized final image across a double spread so that you can easily see the result you’re aiming for. Although there are no detailed step-by-step demonstrations, all the basic information is here and is easy to follow. Whether it’s a full-crowned Horse Chestnut, the bare branches of a Black Walnut in winter, the fine tendrils of an Oleander or the solid mass of an Oak, every variation is here.

Adelene includes basic notes about the species itself and explains the main points to consider when painting each one. She also demonstrates fruits and seeds where these are a feature. The handy introductory section also explains all the techniques you’ll need.

This is a thorough guide, whether you want to paint trees for themselves or simply as part of a wider landscape.