SKU: PT-30307-250ML


Michael Harding Handmade Artists Oil Colour 250ml Tubes Cremnitz White in Walnut Oil

Brand new to our range is Cremnitz White ground in Walnut Oil. We are delighted to add this lovely compliment of walnut oil based Cremnitz to our product line. 
Our Cremnitz White in Walnut Oil gives artists the ability to experience the feel of oil that was popular with European artists of the previous centuries.

Contrary to belief, walnut oil does not go rancid! A simple difference between Linseed Oil and Walnut Oil is that Walnut Oil has slightly less wetting ability and therefore needs less pigment to achieve a workable paste which results in a greater translucency.

Colour & Characteristics: Colour index Pw1, Cremnitz White in Walnut Oil has the ability to dry reasonably quickly, and is toxic and should be handled with extreme care. 

*Please note. Due to differences in computer monitor displays colour samples should be used as a guide only.