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Loxley Quality Time - The Timeless Barn

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The moor leaves little evidence of the casual visitor, but the careless visitor may remain an eternity in the humbling beauty of Dartmoor National Park. As Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick Doctor Watson warned of his struggles in this same wilderness: “as if some malignant hand was tugging us down into those obscene depths.”.

While scouting locations for The Hound of the Baskervilles, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle hiked up to 18 miles a day across Dartmoor. He was fuelled by history, local legends, and chilling accounts of supernatural encounters. Surely the footprints of Conan Doyle were greedily swallowed by the spongy bog before they could capture a moment’s sunshine through the fog.

Thank goodness Conan Doyle never stumbled upon this Timeless Barn nestled in the sun-drenched hills and sparkling grasses of Emsworthy, Dartmoor. If he had, his famous tale of demonic hounds, greed, and murder may never have taken shape with quite the same grim effect.

In the box...

The Cantisso Collection is based on a real artist stretched canvas 305 X 254mm (12 X10”) with printed outline, 8 colours of artist acrylic paint, 2 different size artist brushes, full instructions, online video tutorial as well as videos on tackling specific techniques.