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Loxley Quality Time - River Adventure

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Children and adults have differing stories about this stout yet quaint arched bridge near Postbridge. Adults will tell you that it was built in 1780 to bypass the 800-year-old clapper bridge just around the bend of the East Dart River. If they’re particularly learned, they may mention something of pack horses and transporting locally mined tin to the town of Tavistock.

The children have their own ideas … “The clapper has a troll living under it!” one might say. “There’s a witch in the nearby moors and any who cross her bridge will be turned into frogs and eaten by snakes!” another might argue.

The children’s stories are a bit hard to verify. But one thing that can be verified, is that on warm, sunny afternoons, the bridge and its river are the perfect place for young minds to run wild and nice clothes to get dirty. Play in the mud, build a dam, defend the bridge from enemy aircraft – anything is possible!

Maybe that winged shadow gliding across the shore is a dragon on its way to destroy the castle. Or maybe it’s just a hungry Pheasant looking for a juicy insect. Either way, the imaginations of playful children continually contribute to the character of these bridges long after the masons and their tools have gone.

In the box...

The Cantisso Collection is based on a real artist stretched canvas 305 X 254mm (12 X10”) with printed outline, 8 colours of artist acrylic paint, 2 different size artist brushes, full instructions, online video tutorial as well as videos on tackling specific techniques.



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