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Loxley Quality Time - A Winter Stroll

SKU: QT-C002

As frozen fields give way to cobblestone beneath your feet, you wade through the veil of fog drifting off the [Cotswold Ridge] mountains, and catch your first glimpse of a vibrant past, infused again with life, and eager to [reveal]surrender its treasures old and new. The charming, historic village of Broadway in Worcestershire beckons …
Down Main Street, trails of fireplace smoke waft to meet the warm glow of dusk and the chill of night to come. But the fading light brings its own energy … In the heart of town, frosty steins of beer clank between neighbours and friends, and rousing songs ride the hearty aromas of rustic food filling the air. Meanwhile, fanciful tales as ancient as the surrounding hills captivate wide-eyed children at a family gathering.

In the box...

The Cantisso Collection is based on a real artist stretched canvas 305 X 254mm (12 X10”) with printed outline, 8 colours of artist acrylic paint, 2 different size artist brushes, full instructions, online video tutorial as well as videos on tackling specific techniques.