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FABER-CASTELL Albrecht Durer Magnus 18 Artists Watercolour Pencils with water Brush & Roll

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Albrecht Dürer Magnus watercolour pencil, pencil roll

The Albrecht Dürer artists’ watercolour pencil has been prized for many years by creative minds all over the world for its exceptional properties. Now it has a big brother: The Albrecht Dürer Magnus has a 5.3 mm lead and a very soft and vibrant colour lay down. It is ideal for large-scale drawing and covering large areas quickly. The voluminous pencil shape is gentle on the wrist. Even after long periods of use, the Albrecht Dürer Magnus enables fatigue-free painting and drawing. A drawing tool that lives up to its name.

We recommend using a watercolour paper sketchbook or watercolour block and a water brush for an ergonomic and highly versatile set up when you're working in the field

18 Artists Watercolour Pencils

  • Voluminous 5.3mm lead - ideal for extensive drawing
  • Unsurpassable lightfastness of all 12 colours
  • Very soft, vibrant colour laydown
  • Fully water soluble lead
  • High break resistance due to secular bonding process
Water Brush
  • Unscrew barrel and fill with water
  • Cap is ideal for scratching and scraping techniques
  • Quick cleaning by pressing the barrel
Pencil Roll
  • Material: PU Leather
  • With two securing straps
  • Space for up to 45 individual items
  • With tip protector for graphite and coloured pencils
  • Ideally suited for holding graphite and coloured pencils as well as thicker markers or accessories.