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Derwent Paint Pens - Individuals

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Derwent Paint Pens are a creative drawing and painting tool that contains pigmented acrylic paint that is highly lightfast and permanent once dry. Their highly pigmented, free-flowing water-based paint makes these pens ideal for layering. Fantastic for creating fine lines or bold splashes of opaque colour.

Whilst wet, the paint is water-soluble, allowing for easy blending. Once dry, the paint is waterproof and permanent on porous surfaces. Derwent Paint Pens are suitable for use on fabric, glass and wood.

The high-quality, break resistant 0.5mm Japanese nibs are very durable and allow for a variety of unique paint effects from fine lines to large layers and exciting, imaginative paint splatters. 

Product Information

  • 0.5mm tip
  • Dilute with water and brush whilst wet to create transparent watercolour washes
  • Once dry, colours are permanent and fixed.
  • Vivid, opaque colours which can be layered and blended
  • Permanent, highly lightfast, opaque paint pens
  • Water-soluble formulation - use a waterbrush to create exciting, opaque washes
  • Suitable for use on fabric, glass and wood allowing for endless sketching and painting possibilities

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