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SKU: BM-0259


Bristle Magic Brush Cleaner and Reconditioner


Bristle Magic is a non-toxic brush cleaner and reconditioner from the USA. Perfect for those who have invested in good quality brushes – this will extend their life and keep them feeling like new. It cleans most paint types, and can even remove dried-on oil or acrylic paint. 

Why do artists LOVE Bristle Magic?

Effective: Bristle Magic is specifically formulated with micro-particles which allow it to penetrate through oils and polymers faster and more effectively than soap. Strong enough to clean grime off an engine block, yet gentile enough for your most treasured brushes.

Non-Toxic: Bristle Magic contains no hazardous, toxic, abrasive or caustic chemicals. It also has no noxious fumes and is a very low VOC product. Artists tell us they use Bristle Magic as a safe and natural alternative to other dangerous cleaners.

The Greenest Choice

At 89% post consumer waste content, Bristle Magic is the only brush cleaner in the world made from recycled material! Bristle Magic is more biodegradable than sugar!