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Atelier Traditional Satin Medium (Medium Viscosity) - 250ml Bottle

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  • A general purpose fluid medium that adds translucency and a satin shean.
  • Dries fast and waterproof for traditional acrylic techniques and other artists' acrylics.
  • Used to increase luminsity while maintaining a satin sheen. Use for gradations and blending wet-over-dry or wet-over-wet. Ideal for glazing and extending colours. Promotes flow and leveling.
  • Satin medium can be added to the paint in any ratio to achieve the desired consistency and luminosity.
  • When mixed with Atelier Interactive, it will prevent touch-dry paint from rewetting.
  • Can be mixed with the paint as a medium or used to seal a paint layer before overpainting.
  • Do not dilute with water as seperation of matting agent may occur.