ARTessentials Artists Brush Pen set of 50 Pieces

ARTessentials Brush Pen set 48 blendable colours 

Similar to the Arteza brush pens but lower cost!

  • 2 Refillable water blenders 
  • Water-based Inks 
  • Easy to use 
  • Superb value ..
  • Perfect for many techniques like gradient, dry technique and fine lines
  • Flexible brush tip
  • Great for watercolour effects, drawing and calligraphy

Read more about the product on our blog: Introducing the Art Essentials Watercolour Artists Brush Pen set of 50 Pieces and watch our Bee tutorial here

Brush pens work as a paintbrush in the form of a pen. Flexible brush tip allows to sketch lines of various thicknesses. Use the tip of the pen to create thin lines and details or blend with water for watercolour effects. Simply use the included water brush pen.