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10 Step Watercolour: Birds - E. Longhurst

A Guide to Paint 25 Exquisitely Detailed Birds in 10 Easy Steps

Learn how to paint birds in watercolour without even trying!

Using a simple ten-step process, learn how to draw a basic outline starting with simple shapes, then add washes of colour and fine details to complete your work.

Arranged in three chapters based on skill level, this book features 25 lovely projects, each showing you how to paint a bird in ten steps. There are paint swatches for every bird, showing you the colours you need to mix for each step and the finished painting serves as a reference to guide you. It couldn't be easier!

Also included is a useful techniques section at the beginning, and clever painting tips from the author throughout the book.

 With birds as diverse as an Atlantic puffin, a barn owl, a hummingbird and a bald eagle, there is plenty to choose from and practise with, to develop your skills.