SKU: 50699380 ARTessentials DRAWING ART SET


Rotring Isograph College Set Includes COMPLIMENTARY ARTessentials DRAWING ART SET

COMPLIMENTARY ARTessentials Drawing Art Set- 25 pieces RRP. £5.50

Rotring Isograph College Set

This set is perfect for technical illustration, graphic design and architectural work. Steel pin nibs give a precise and consistent line and work best on ultra smooth surfaces such as layout paper and bristol board.

The isograph features a refillable ink reservoir, and a patented push-on sleeve gives easy access to the ink helix for cleaning, even when the ink reservoir is full.

We recommend a technical pen cleaning fluidfor pen maintenance and cleaning.

Set contains: 

  • Isograph pens in sizes -0.25, 0.35 and 0.5
  • Bottle of ink
  • 0.5 technical pencil
  • pack of 0.5 leads and
  • B 20 eraser