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Royal Talens Van Gogh Soft Pastel - Urban Landscape Selection - Set of 60 Colours

This collection of soft pastel sticks from Royal Talens offer artists pure and brilliant colours, for those seeking student-quality materials. The Van Gogh range feature slim, round sticks, with defined edges suitable for details, and sides great for broad area coverage.

These pastels are composed of high-quality pigments and kaolin clay for a formulation with easy colour transfer, a velvety appearance, and less chance of crumbling. Pigments are free of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, or cobalt.

Van Gogh Pastels work fantastic on grounds with tooth (surface texture) that can hold the pastels, such as paper, cardboard, stone, asphalt, or wood. Pastel drawings and paintings are not smudge-proof, and it's recommended to use a fixative on top of finished artwork.

These colours are lightfast rated ranging from good (25-100 years under museum conditions) to excellent (100+ years under museum conditions).