Hahnemühle PastellFix Pastel Pads

SKU: 10628492

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PastellFix offers artists an incomparable painting experience. You can feel how different it is from other pastel papers
straight away. 'The velvety looking surface is a totally new haptic experience and your chalk pastels seem to just dance
across it. Working with this high quality paper is thoroughly enjoyable right from the start,' says artist Monika Mori

Pastel pigments dissolve quickly and without the application of any undue pressure on the soft, slightly textured paper.
The colour pigments adhere beautifully to the surface, where they settle gently but fi rmly. Blurred lines and carefully
nuanced shading can easily be created with different blending techniques. Developed especially for pastels, 170 gsm
PastellFix paper is also perfect for oil pastel, pencil, sanguine or charcoal works. 

The pad contains two sheets of each of the following colours: ivory, sand, navy, steel grey, dark grey and black. 

The different shades are protected by transparent interleaf sheets. This paper offers professionals and hobby artists the
perfect surface to allow their creativity to run free. The acid free paper has a cotton rag content, is felt marked and is available in
the following formats: 24 x 32 cm, 30 x 40 cm and 36 x 48 cm.