SKU: AEBrush-1


ART essentials Dual Tip Watercolour Brush Pens - Set of 100

Congratulations! You've just stumbled upon the most useful colour pen set you're likely to find. This set combines fine lines with broader brush strokes in a single, double-ended pen, and then throws a hundred different water-based colours into the mix for good measure.

The fibre tip is ideal for detailed work and hatching, whereas the flexible felt brush tip is ideal for washes and variable line thickness. That's a lot of flexibility for animators, calligraphers, designers and illustrators.

Designed to appeal to beginners, hobbyists and crafters.


  • Good value 100 colour dual-tip brush pens
  • Watercolour, odourless, non-toxic
  • Dual tips: brush tip approx. 1-2mm; fine tip approx. 0.4mm
  • Arranged in five trays, in a carry case
  • Suitable for designers, animators, students, crafters.
  • Unbeatable value singles or wholesale cartons