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Derwent Metallic Watercolour Paint Pan Set

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Derwent Metallic Paint Pans contain shimmering metallic colour, which are outstanding when applied to both light and dark paper. This highly reflective colour range offers a wide spectrum of metallic colour. Extra fine metallic pigments give a reflective glint, maintaining their shimmer once dry. Suitable for a range of fine art or craft projects.

Striking on both black and white surfaces, the Derwent Metallic Paint Pan Set includes 12 unique shades that mix beautifully to create a full spectrum of metallic colour. Apply in creamy, opaque strokes to layer and blend on the page. 

Contents - 12 Metallic paint pans, a mini waterbrush, a sponge and five mixing palettes.

Colour Palette - Silver, Graphite, Gold, Pale Gold, Sunset, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Ice Blue, Lime Gold, Green

Product Features

  • Delivers a wide spectrum of colours from light silver to deep graphite
  • Highly Reflective colours; striking on both light and dark paper
  • Portable - Ideal for travel and outdoor use with everything needed to paint on the go
  • Works perfectly with other Derwent paints like Graphitint and Inktense for shimmering highlights

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