SKU: 1131-11013

ARTdiscount Extra Soft Artists Pastels


  • Perfect for both professional artists and amateurs 
  • Highest degree of light fastness
  • Smooth and responsive
  • Available in sets of 24 and 48
  • Offering superb value, UK exclusive 

The ARTessentials Extra Soft Pastel Sets suit a range of artistic needs; including life drawing, landscapes, portraits, flowers, seascapes and more. Our pastels are made by using a minimal amount of binder whilst combining the finest pigments, pastels have been used by artists since the Renaissance.

Our Extra Soft Pastels have a velvety texture and offer easy laydown and consistent coverage. Blend, soften and layer with minimal crumbling! The sets come in two sizes and hold a variety of lightfast vibrant colours and soft hues. Soft pastels are the most widely used form of pastel, the reduced amount of binder in them provides brighter colours. 

Once your artwork is complete, head to our range of fixatives to protect it for years to come. Framing your creation under glass would be a good option as well.