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Rembrandt Special Effects Watercolour Box - 12 x 10ml

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Renowned as a professional top quality paint, Rembrandt Artists' Watercolours offer the maximum transparency, intensity and brilliance that their name deserves.

Made in Holland using only the best materials, this professional quality colour range is made from the purest pigments and purest quality gum arabic for brilliant and constant colours.

The colours included in this speciality set are remarkable for the way they react in different light settings. The Chameleon colours especially change colour depending on the angle they are viewed, giving you a whole new dimension of opportunity in your watercolour painting!

The Interference/Chameleon/Spark colours will appear near white or clear on white paper, with a very subtle shimmer and very little colour.

They change their colour when you look at these from different angles as they rely on light hitting the Titanium mica flake.

The colours are best used on a Dark or Black background.

The metal tin has hinged lids to use for mixing wells.

Includes 12 x 10ml tubes in the following colours:

  • Interference White (843)
  • Interference Blue (846)
  • Interference Violet (847)
  • Interference Green (848)
  • Chameleon Gold/Red/Violet (860)
  • Chameleon Red/Violet/Blue (861)
  • Chameleon Violet/Blue/Green (862)
  • Chameleon Blue/Green/Gold (863)
  • Spark Green (864)
  • Spark Blue (865)
  • Spark Violet (866)
  • Spark Pink (867)

All colours in this specialty set have the highest lightfastness rating of +++ (100+ years under museum conditions).