SKU: PGS20-009

Lunch Box Sketch Set 26pcs


Lunch Box Sketch Painting Set - 26 pieces

This lightweight clip-top plastic lunch box-style set features a comprehensive selection of implements to get started with sketching and drawing with charcoal and graphite. Including 2 erasers, a sharpener and sandpaper you can keep your pencil points nice and sharp and quickly correct any mistakes.
The contents sit inside 2 plastic trays which keep the equipment secure and tidy.

A superb value gift to get someone set up with the essentials for drawing and sketching. 


9 x Sketch Pencils
3 x Natural Charcoals
3 x Charcoal Pencils
4 x Compressed Graphites
3 x Compressed Charcoals
1 x Kneadable Eraser
1 x Eraser
1 x Sharpener
1 x Sandpaper