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Maped Creativ Magical Tablet

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Let your child have their creativity at their fingertips with this Maped Creativ Magical Tablet! This LCD tablet features a backlit screen for creative writing and drawing.

Use the stylus to effortlessly doodle on the screen. You can then simply erase it by pressing the button, allowing for many, many hours of illustrative fun! With the screen lock button on the back, children can preserve their drawing without running the risk of erasing them until they're ready. 

Its lightweight build and backlit screen makes it great for drawing anywhere at any time. Whether at home or on a night-time car journey, your child will always have the opportunity to explore their creative side. This tablet is great for both drawing in a paper-free manner and practicing handwriting. It's built from sturdy plastic, making it able to endure enthusiastic artists to be a long-lasting companion in creativity. 

Contents: 8.5″ (12.2cm x 17.3cm) screen tablet. Stylus and Battery included (CR2016).

Suitable for ages 4+.