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Watercolour Painting Travel Case 11pcs

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The Watercolour Painting Travel Case

This 11 piece easy-to-carry travel set contains the essential equipment for anyone looking to dabble in watercolour painting. Containing 5 x 12ml tubes of watercolour paint in the primary mixing colours, along side 5 pony hair brushes in a variety of styles.
The high quality zip carry case keeps your brushes safe and your paints secure and together for your convenience, whether you are painting in or outdoors. 

A fantastic gift for students or aspiring artists.


  • 5 x 12ml tubes of watercolour paint:
    Lemon Yellow, Vermilion, Ultramarine, Black, White
  • 5 pony hair brushes:
    Round sizes 0, 4, 8
    Flat size 10
    Filbert size 6
  • Sturdy Black Nylon Zip Carry Case

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