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Atelier Modelling Compound - 250ml Jar

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Atelier Modelling Compound - 250ml Jar

Traditional Medium: Dries fast & waterproof for traditional acrylic techniques. Use with Atelier interactive & other artists' acrylics.

Avery thick paste made from calcite grit; use for exaggerated structure & textural effects.

  • Mix with paint to increase body or apply directly on top of paint layer for textural effect.
  • When mixed with paint, it will reduce colour intensity and gloss levels.
  • Dries white with a matte finish and remains flexible.
  • Can be used as a ground preparation on most painting surfaces, offering a hard yet flexible surface.
  • May be added to acrylic paints as an economical paint extender.
  • For more textured effects, sawdust, sand etc. may be added.