Heather Gulliver


Heather Gulliver


My quest is to celebrate bush as mother nature made it; alas a dwindling resource as populations grow. My formative years in Rhodesia left me with a love and respect for that land; that magic made me want to paint.

I was fortunate enough to do a preparatory year of art school at Atelier Met de Penninghen et Jaques D'Andon Academie Julien.This establishment was renown for the vigour of its course, I loved it. Life in Paris gave me the opportunity to tread many kilometres in the pursuit of art, I saw and learnt a great deal.

Subsequently Cambridge broadened my horizons further. A long marriage to Robin Sibson was defiantly enlightening. I have benefited from the stability of the UK, long may it last, although those brought up in Zimbabwe lament not being able to heal and improve that country.

A selection of work

Favourite Products

Oil paints, Kolinsky Sable Brushes


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Stephen Lyall
Stephen Lyall

July 13, 2020

I like your palette and subjects. I used to live in the bush in Australia. It reminds me a lot of the landscape and plants there. Clear blue skies, crisp outlines, the feeling of being an observer of something for the first time.

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