Winsor & Newton ProMarker 48 Essential Collection - Product of the Month

April 20, 2018 2 min read

Winsor & Newton ProMarker 48 Essential Collection - Product of the Month


Box of ProMarkers

April’s Product of the Month is Winsor and Newton’s 48 Essential Collection, new in on the ARTdiscount website. These are alcohol-based markers, presented in an integrated storage solution for you to store away easily. Each marker is double ended, one ended thin and pointy and the other thick and chiseled. Perfect for using on different sized papers and for getting the exact amount of colour in the right spot!
One of my favourite things about this set is how the pens are placed in their box. The colours show at the end, making it easy for you to find the colour you require at a quick glance. No artist wants to be held up trying to find the right colour for minutes at a time! This set has been well thought out with equally armatures and ProMarker enthusiasts in mind.
If you haven’t used ProMarkers already you won’t be aware of their excellence, they are non-toxic, alcohol-based inks and dyes, offering the most gorgeous coverage over numerous surfaces. Thanks to the large chisel tip you can make quick visuals and fill in large areas without it becoming a task. For detail and outlines you can use the fine tip, this has a standard felt tip width making it perfect for a range of colourful projects.
At the price of £110 you would be making quite the investment, the box has a magnetic closure adding to the level of quality.

48 ProMarkersList of colours you will receive in the box:

Ivory, Pastel Beige, Blush, Saffron, Dusky Pink, Tan, Sandstone, Cinnamon, Raw Sienna, Cocoa, Umber, Burnt Sienna, Yellow, Sunflower, Gold, Mandarin, Red, Poppy, Crimson, Maroon, Rose Pink, Magenta, Orchid, Purple, Cool Aqua, Powder Blue, Sky Blue, Cyan, French Navy, Turquoise, Midnight Blue, Meadow Green, Apple, Lime Green, Bright Green, Forest Green, Pine, Olive Green, Warm Grey 3, Warm Grey 5, Ice Grey 1, Ice Grey 3, Ice Grey 5, Cool Grey 1, Cool Grey 3, Cool Grey 5, Black and the Blender pen.
Not only can you fill in areas with colour using these markers, they are easily blendable too. In the box you get a blending pen, meaning that you place two colours side by side and blend them together, losing the look of a harsh line.

Blending leaf

To summarise this post I believe this collection is a great buy; the storage box stores them neatly but allows them to be easily accessed when needed. If you’re looking to try ProMarker or are already a collector of the markers, this is certainly the ‘Essential Collection’ for you. You will fine these perfect for general illustration, manga and even use on fabric. 
Find them on the ARTdiscount website here

Header image by: Matt Hoffman

Jessie Crook
Jessie Crook

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