William Blake Exhibition - Tate Britain

William Blake Exhibition - Tate Britain

Are you intrigued by the work of William Blake? Then this is the exhibition for you.

You can visit the exhibition from 11th September 2019 to 2nd February 2020 and entry is free to members. The theme of this exhibition is to display and show off the work of the artist the way he would have wanted it to be seen. 

Tate Britain
London SW1P 4RG

£18 / FREE for Members
Concessions £17
Family child 12-18 years £5
Under 12s FREE (up to four per family adult)
16-25? Join Tate Collective for £5 tickets

William Blake was a painter, printmaker and poet who created some of the most iconic images in British art. This is said to be the biggest William Blake exhibition in 20 years. 

Pity - William Blake

William held an exhibition above his families hosiery shop in Soho back in 1809, this wasn't a success story but Tate Britain hope to rectify this. We are certain this show will be a huge hit in 2019! Within the exhibition you will find the room where Blake showed his works and put his reputation on the line for art.

"Blake’s dream of showing his works at enormous scale will be made reality using digital technology. With over 300 original works, including his watercolours, paintings and prints, this is the largest show of Blake’s work for almost 20 years. It will rediscover him as a visual artist for the 21st century." - Tate Britain

The Spiritual Form of Nelson Guiding Leviathan - William Blake

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Jessie Crook
Jessie Crook

1 Response

michael hartley
michael hartley

November 25, 2019

dear Tate
i realise that you have to support finatoally your institution by charging for exhibitions but do you not agree that the disparity between the standard price and concession rate does not reflect realistically someone waged earnings and someone unwaged! one pound difference with all due respect or ten percent is not the difference reflecting what can be reasonably afforded by low wage or unwaged people to see an exhibition, and wether accidentally or not you are by this creating cultural seperation – i am personally a self employed artist and would probably not be entitled but as low wage is not one of the concession categories either i have not been able to see two exhibitions now. but regardless of my position i think the one pound difference on pricing needs seriously to be
yours sincerely michael hartley

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