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Our final episode of 2020 brings together all the techniques showcased over the last 7 episodes along with new techniques, to conclude with a final piece.

Ellie Jakeman brings together all the techniques we have showcased over the Watercolour Wednesday series, guiding you as you create your own landscape piece. You can of course choose any subject matter, applying as many techniques that you may need, picking and choosing our tips along the way.

Using our own branded products to explore their quality and versatility, Ellie has produced a gorgeous piece of work, referencing photographs of The Lake District, a place of natural beauty, close to her heart. Creating a colour chart for a limited palette, using her source material of photographs. A limited palette is selected because if too many colours are used, your piece becomes 'muddy'. The palette can be altered to represent a season ie: light/bright tones for summer, warm tones for autumn.

Ellie has used wet-on-wet, masking, textures and brush techniques to create her artwork. We have also shown additional techniques of 'lifting' and scratching within this video. When creating the clouds, the pigment was lifted by tissue and dark pigment lifted from the tree trunks using a cotton bud and water. Scratching technique was used to create long grasses with a kebab stick.

Before beginning a large piece, it is vital to produce preparatory work, giving you opportunity to explore the techniques, and composition you want to use within your final artwork.

test pieces

We hope you have enjoyed this series of Watercolour Wednesday's as we have loved creating it!

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Below are the links to all the products we have used within this series.

Products used in this series:

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catherine peters

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