Welcome to Episode 5!

This episode Ellie Jakeman shows you Glazing techniques.

An important technique for all watercolour artists, especially when using a limited colour palette. This technique is also used with Acrylics and Oils. Glazing with watercolour, it is often called laying down a wash.

We have shown you two ways of applying Glazing to your work, Wet-on-wet or Wet-on-dry.

For Wet-on-dry, A layer of transparent colour is washed over a previous dry layer of paint to build up darker areas along with light areas, creating a 3D form.

Wet-on-wet begins with saturating the surface with water then dropping each colour in to mix on the paper, leaving areas white to indicate the light direction with a highlight to produce a 3D form.

Wet on dry allows you more control of the value in your colour and Wet-on-wet gives a more diffused finish to your piece. This is a personal preference and through practice, you will discover which technique to use depending on subject matter or your eventual artistic handwriting. 

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