Are you a beginner or an artist looking for a new medium?

Our mini masterclass begins with the basics.Each week Ellie will work through  preparation, tools and techniques ,using Art discount or ART essentials products, to guide you through to creating your own wonderful peice of watercolour artwork.

Episode 1 'Creating Dilution Chart'

Create a gradient colour chart with your watercolour pan set or tubes (we have used ART essentials Studio Quality Watercolour Painting Sets)

Water is integral to watercolours, this is what gives pigments their lightness and luminosity. Mastering water dilution and its effects on colours is one of the major difficulties in watercolours.

Value is the level of light intensity of a colour. When handling watercolours, all you need to do is to vary a hue from dark to light is add water. The more you dilute a colour, the more transparent it becomes, allowing the white paper to show through.

It is important to create a chart for each of your colours, giving you values for each.

.............Episode 2 we explore 'Colour Charts'

Products used:

ARTdiscount Watercolour Sets

ARTdiscount artists value brushes-Round

ARTdiscount Artists Value Brushes-Flat

ARTdiscount Bristle Brushes- Fan

ARTdiscount Watercolour Paper

ARTdiscount Masking Fluid




catherine peters
catherine peters

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