Shoe Tattoos

February 02, 2018 1 min read

Shoe Tattoos

Express your own individuality by custom hand painting your own shoes. Choose a theme, or something to match one of your favourite outfits. British creative designer and stylist Charlotte Hudders shows us her custom designs, inspired by Chinese New Year.


Canvas shoes are popular with custom makes; due to the porous fabric they will readily accept acrylic paint. Sneakers, trainers and even leather shoes can also be redesigned; the best tools are new Pebeo 4artist markers, an oil-based pigment marker ideal for use on smooth non-porous surfaces. These quick drying pens are available in 18 opaque, highly pigmented glossy colours, this fancy formula brings oil painting techniques in a contemporary marker pen form.There are multi application pens available for fine lines in a 2mm, to a 4mm bullet tip; 8mm chisel tip, an expressive 15mm broad tip.

French manufactures Pebeo promote the creativity of mixed media, the 4artist markers can be diluted using an odourless solvent medium a to create gradients and shading. Plus they can be used over dry mediums, such as oils, acrylic and resin. The paint markers are water and alcohol resistant after 48 hours. Once completing your artwork it is optional to use an acrylic spray varnish to coat the finished designs; although these markers are indelible and durable once dry, this will give a layer of protection to the surface if necessary.

Shoe Tattoo Illustrations by Charlotte Hudders. 
Images used with permissions, all rights reserved to the artist.

Looking for more inspiration? 
Follow the link below to Bobsmade, a German based company run by a small group of designers and illustrators who specialise in bright custom footwear doodles using acrylics and Posca markers, a water-based pigment marker.

Larissa Gill
Larissa Gill

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