August 17, 2017 1 min read

Founded in 1963 by Lawrence Herbert, the Pantone system is used for identifying and solving problems associated with producing accurate colour matches in the graphic art industry. Known worldwide as the standard language for communicating colour, used prolifically by designers, manufacturers and retailers. 

Yes... Pantone are basically the colour police, the big chiefs on colour!

Pantone have now developed a new shade of purple in honour of the late musician Prince, who became associated with variations of this hue within his artistry, including fashion and culture. The aptly named Love Symbol #2, after Prince's own symbol and inspiration from his Yamaha purple piano which toured with him. Not to mention his 1984 film, and album Purple Rain which recently released a special 30th anniversary edition.

Love Symbol #2

The distinctive new purple shade created in memory of Prince who passed in 2016. This will now be the official colour across the brand and estate he left behind.
For more on the musical icon's unique shade, read more here.


Larissa Gill
Larissa Gill

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