5 Must See UK Art Exhibitions 2019/20

by Jessie Crook October 09, 2019 3 min read

5 Must See UK Art Exhibitions 2019/20

As the weather changes and it gets colder, being inside around lots of art sounds like the ideal situation to be in. I've curated this list of exhibitions that have stood out to me recently, whether that be because of it's interesting topic or it's eye catching pieces. 

Exhibition locations include: London, St Ives, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

1. Firstly I was drawn to the Olafur Eliasson: In Real Life which is being held at Tate Modern, London. 
Exhibition held until: 5th January 2020.

"In Eliasson’s captivating installations you become aware of your senses, people around you and the world beyond.

Some artworks introduce natural phenomena such as rainbows to the gallery space. Others use reflections and shadows to play with the way we perceive and interact with the world. Many works result from the artist’s research into complex geometry, motion patterns, and his interest in colour theory. All but one of the works have never been seen in the UK before.

Within the exhibition will be an area which explores Eliasson’s deep engagement with society and the environment. Discover what an artist’s perspective can bring to issues of climate change, energy, migration as well as architecture. And once every other week you’ll be able to communicate with people from Eliasson’s 100-strong team in his Berlin studio via a live link." - Tate Modern 

Click here for more information. 

2. Next is Modern Art and St Ives at Tate, St Ives. As a lover of modern and abstract art, I would love to be heading to Cornwall to browse the history of modern art in St Ives.

"For the first time, Tate will be able to dedicate spaces to exploring the history of modern art in St Ives, giving key artists a permanent presence in the town where they lived and worked. This new display will follow those artists across the 20th century, revealing their relationships to international art histories. From the unique perspective of St Ives, visitors will be able to bridge geographical and chronological boundaries and discover new connections through familiar artists." - Tate

Tate St Ives is open daily 10-5:20pm. 

Click here for more information. 

3. Are you a fan of portrait paintings? Then you'll be wanting to head to the exhibition held at National Gallery, London at the moment.

The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Gauguin Portraits.
7 October 2019 - 26 January 2020
Location: Sainsbury Wing

This is the first-ever exhibition devoted to the portraits of Paul Gauguin, which I think is a reason to visit in it's self. Experience expressive portraits and get inspired by his self portraits.

"Featuring about fifty works, the exhibition includes paintings, works on paper, and three-dimensional objects in a variety of media, from public and private collections worldwide. It also brings together multiple works of the same sitter from different collections scattered across the world, giving us the opportunity to see how Gauguin interpreted a model in different media over time." - National Gallery

Click here for more information. 

4. I'm certainly a lover of an exhibition with a difference which is why Cut & Paste: Years of Collage quickly became of interest to me. 

Scottish National Gallery Of Modern Art (Modern Two)
Held until Sun 27 Oct 2019

"Highlights include a three-metre-long folding collage screen, purportedly made in part by Charles Dickens; a major group of Dada and Surrealist collages, by artists such as Kurt Schwitters, Joan Miró, Hannah Höch and Max Ernst; and major postwar works by Henri Matisse, Robert Rauschenberg, and Peter Blake, including the only surviving original source photographs for Blake’s and Jann Haworth's iconic, collaged cover for the Beatles’ album Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band." - National Galleries 

Click here for more information. 

5. Here's one for the fashion lovers, looking back through history and seeing how fashion has developed is incredibly interesting. Especially when you see how garments are made and who wore them. 

An English lady's wardrobe
Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
25 October 2019 - 1 March 2020

"An English lady’s wardrobe will offer new insight into Liverpool’s wealthy Tinne family, showcasing clothing and accessories purchased by Mrs Emily Margaret Tinne (1886-1966). The Tinne Collection is the largest collection of a single person’s clothing in any UK gallery. The Walker has displayed numerous items from the collection over recent years, but An English lady’s wardrobe will be the largest exhibition yet." - Liverpool Museums  

Click here for more information. 

Has this post inspired you to head down to a creative space at some point soon? I certainly plan to! 
Let us know in the comments if there is any exhibitions you recommend or intend on visiting. 

Jessie Crook
Jessie Crook

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