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Looking back at our Creative highlights of 2022!

by Ellie Jakeman January 05, 2023

Looking back at our Creative highlights of 2022!

From January to December we have covered a plethora of current and exciting topics in our Blog section. Focusing on practical tips and techniques, step by step how-to worksheets for crafters and artists. We have introduced, ‘how to begin Plein air painting’, how to get Festival ready, and have introduced new product lines with expert advice on specific art and design materials, plus much, much, more…..

With you, our customers in mind, students of Art and Design, crafters, improvers, through to the professional artist, staying fresh and keeping you inspired with up-to-date information means a lot to us here at Art Discount. We endeavour to provide you with a diverse range of topics and keep you connected to some great current and insightful Artists working in the Art world today.  

We thought it would be a great idea to revisit our year with you, through some  of our  blog highlights. We have curated images and links for further reading, just in case you missed them the first time round.



January’s Highlights

We started the year off with some great insight into the work of artist Tim Muddiman. An english artist, musician and creative.  In his own words, Tim's work is "an exploration of the human condition through contrasts: strength and fragility, depth and height, colour and monochrome" and has been described as 'hard-edged, abstract and contemporary' . Tim takes us through his journey from successful musician to Professional Artist.

Artist Interview: Tim Muddiman


An Artist's Guide To Charcoal

This blog gave us a comprehensive overview of the history, characteristics and techniques of how to use charcoal in your artwork. It provided links to all our products, and explained how to develop your skill and further your creative adventures, along with looking at famous artists who have or still use charcoal as a medium. An excellent read for those who have never tried charcoal before.


February’s Highlights

Artist Interview: Liz West

A lovely interview with artist Liz West, initiated our February blogs.  British artist, Liz West who is working in site-specific installation, light & sculpture.

I create vivid environments that mix luminous colour and radiant light. I aim to provoke a heightened sensory awareness in the viewer through my work. I am interested in exploring how sensory phenomena can invoke psychological and physical responses that tap into our own deeply entrenched relationships to colour.”

Painting watercolour landscapes en plein air part one and then Part two 

For these two blogspart one andpart two we talked about painting outdoors. Part one introduces you to the Impressionist’s paintings and their working processes. It discusses their mindsets and provides tips on how to work like they did whilst painting outdoors. Part two focuses on what you will need, linking to products and also providing you with a downloadable Equipment Checklist.

March’s Highlights

Artist Interview: Jenny Steele

March brought an interview with Jenny Steele is a Scottish artist currently based in Manchester, UK whose practice is motivated by 20th century architecture and design producing site-specific artwork, textiles, sculpture, printmaking and events


What are Brusho Crystal Colours?

Another great blog for beginners and improvers, covering  Brusho Crystal Colours, everything you ever wanted to know and more!



April’s Highlights

Artist Interview - Iain Willams

This month we interviewed Iain Williams, a Blackpool based Artist who explores the abstract image and mark-making within an expressionistic form, Iain has created his own bold visual language and motifs, referencing urban links and contemporary imagery to create his own style.

Some great beginners guides followed our artists' interview blog, they focused on watercolour mediums and paint brushes.

A beginner's guide to watercolour mediums: ox gall & gum arabic

Two of the most common but often misunderstood mediums areOx Gall liquid andGum Arabic. What are these two mediums and how should you apply them to your watercolour painting?


May’s Highlights

Artist Interview: Oliver Winconek

This month we welcome Contemporary Oil painter Oliver Winconek, based in Cambridgeshire specialising in Portraiture, the figure and modern still life, to talk to us about his early influences and his current practice.


Viviva Colorsheets

Our product feature of the month for May was a fabulous new product by Viviva! This blog details some great tips and advice on how to use these amazing watercolour sheets. Definitely try these out in the new year!


June’s Highlights

Artist Interview: Nanci France-Vaz

Last June, we welcomed Nanci France-Vaz. A modern renaissance artist drawing inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelite and Naturalist periods of art, poetry, and classic literature, and film. Combining her strong foundation in life painting with imaginative backgrounds fusing classical with contemporary realism. 

June brought part One, Two and Three of “Let’s get Festival Ready”
Three great blogs to get you ready for all the summer festivals across the country and beyond.

Part One, it’s all about Fluorescents and Neons… all the product information you need to personalise your clothing and accessories to stand out in the crowd.

Part Two, let's paint some wellies! … inspiration and motifs to get you started. Step by step instructions and tricks and tips for painting your wellies.

Part Three, Matching accessories!...Step by step guidance for painting your accessories, tote bag and water bottle.


July’s Highlights

Artist Interview: Morgan Penn

Morgan Penn is a London based Portrait Painter, presenter of BBC’s Bitesize short films on oil painting and winner of BBC’s flagship TV arts programme Star Portraits. Penn’s work has been featured in all the major art magazines, newspapers and the National Portrait Gallery’s own publications and we just adore the humorous element to his detailed portraits.

What mediums can I use on black paper?

A curated and comprehensive blog listing the endless possibilities of creating Art on black paper, with a multitude of different media. Lots and lots of creative tips and guidance.

August’s Highlights

Artist Interview: James Walmsley

August is a month many of us are lucky enough to travel and gain experiences,  exposed to new cultures and creativity. James Walmsley, Artist, Curator, Gallery Director and Event Manager talks to us about his creative career and how he is directly supporting international artists to develop their art practice as a form of activism.

Jacquard a world of vibrant colours!

Showcasing Jacquard’s bright rainbow colours, metallic powders, inks and multi surface paints!

Jacquard is basically the home of bright and beautiful coloured paints, powders and inks for all kinds of creative and imaginative projects! They have over 20 product lines and in this article we will focus on some amazing new products we can offer you on our online shop.

September’s Highlights

Artist Interview: Joel Poole

Based in Sandbach, Cheshire, Joel uses a combination of traditional signwriting, street art and graphic design onto old, unloved pieces of furniture and paintings, transforming them using bright colours and typography into bold, one off statement pieces of art under his business name Populuxe.

Let's talk about colour Red

In this article we will talk about the power and impact the colour red has in the visual world and how it is perceived. We will also look at some famous and inspiring red paintings by well known artists. 


October’s Highlights

How do you make the colour Purple?

This question has been asked a million times over! Let us start by saying don't panic, there are many shades of purple paint on the market already premixed, and at the end of this article we will list all the options available to buy from our website if you need a quick fix.

However, knowing how to make the perfect shade of purple paint which complements your palette is invaluable, especially if you already own a number of Blue and Red pigments.


November’s Highlights

Artist Interview: Aylo Nomad

Our November artist interview saw us delve into the world of street art with artist Hayley Garner. She is one halve of award winning and internationally renowned Nomad Clan. Between splitting time with her own projects, Nomad Clan and collaborations with other artists she has influenced with her mural making.

Christmas crafts ideas for the budding creatives in your life.

Creativity was in the air at ARTDiscount studio to bring you inspiration for Christmas crafting. We believe that there is no better time than Christmas to get our young creatives involved with making and using their imaginations. In the blog we share creative ideas and activities made by recycled materials. Making something new out of something old.


December’s Highlights

Artist Interview: BSP

Our December artist interview saw us delve into the world of synaesthetic art. BSP is a synaesthetic artist who combines art and music within the subject of environmental awareness and social issues. Briohny is featured on Sky Arts new programme 'The blending of senses' with our supplied art materials.

Luxury gifts for painters and Luxury gifts for pencil artists

Two great blogs that guide you through our Luxury range of professional quality Fine Art products. Lots of well known brands to choose from; Derwent, Sennelier, Caran d’Ache, and Royal Talens.

We look forward to sharing our expertise and sharing lots more creative stories with you in 2023. Best wishes for the coming New Year!

Ellie Jakeman
Ellie Jakeman

I have had a strong interest in the visual and creative arts since a very early age. After completing an Art and Design Degree and Post graduate studies I have taught Art and Design, Fashion and Textiles, Textile design , Fine Art print and Illustration for over 20 years. Before teaching I was a freelance artist and illustrator and decided 4 years ago I would return to freelance and commissioned work. I have created many domestic and commercial murals for hospitals and hospices. I work part time for ARTdiscount as a content creator and product tester.

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