Local Art Yorkshire Competition Winners

April 24, 2018 1 min read

Local Art Yorkshire Competition Winners

Last month ARTdiscount were the judges of the Local Art Yorkshire competition, local artists from around the Yorkshire area submitted their work using their local art communities Facebook page. After lots of consideration we chose the images below as best Landscape painting and best Portrait painting.

The winners received ARTdiscount vouchers to treat themselves on our online store. I asked the winners to tell me a little more about their pieces so that I could show you their wonderful work!

Firstly, Carol Davidson won Best Landscape Painting. This piece was created on a bright sunless winter day in January, she was walking along the banks of Humber and the colours of the rocks and pebbles sparked her inspiration. Isn't it great when you get natural inspiration from what's around you?

To create the painting she used masking fluid, watercolours and Saunders Waterford paper. This painting has now sold.

Katy Cobb won Best Portrait Painting. This fabulous watery piece was created after a holiday in Tenerife, her daughter spent a lot of time snorkelling there. The water created gorgeous shapes and the light was too perfect not to paint.

This was painted onto canvas using oils, Katy used photos as references once she'd returned home from her trip. Having physical photos in front of you can trigger the most wonderful memories or ideas! Katy now runs her own Mural Painting business which you can find here - www.facebook.com/wallthingsbrightandbeautiful

I hope this was interesting to read, knowing more about artwork is always a good thing.

Daughter Snorkelling by Katy Cobb

On the Banks of the Humber by Carol Davidson 

Jessie Crook
Jessie Crook

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